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Hello, We Are The Havre de Grace Chamber of Commerce

 The Greater Havre de Grace Chamber of Commerce mission is to promote commerce and prosperity in the business community.

The Havre de Grace Chamber of Commerce is celebrating its 92nd year of serving local businesses and the community!

Diane Jones

Executive Director

The Havre de Grace Chamber of Commerce Logo
Mike Mullahey


Your commitment, attendance and financial contribution is recognized and appreciated. I hope you continue to grow in your relationships and your business becomes more successful than you ever dreamed. Not a member yet but are considering joining? Do it now. It's the best time to get involved.


The Havre de Grace Chamber of Commerce is really the ultimate networking group around. In addition to the networking opportunities, the Chamber of Commerce has become the back bone of the business community. With Havre de Grace now being known as the "Gem of Harford County"; there's no better place to do business. For those of you that have picked this book up while visiting our fine city, or maybe you are even contemplating a move here, welcome. I hope you will support the businesses inside and contact the individuals who may offer a product or service of interest to you. By being in this book, they have made a commitment to service and I believe excellence. Thank you all for the opportunity to be of service as your President.


The Chamber of Commerce Members Photo

The Chamber Proudly Sponsors:

  • Tourism Kiosk on St. John Street

  • Welcome to Havre de Grace signs on Rt. 40 and Rt. 155 to promote upcoming events in Havre de Grace

  • Farmers Market

  • Free Training Programs operated by the Small Business Development Center

  • First Fridays (co-sponsors with the City of Havre de Grace Tourism Commission)

Chamber of Commerce
Summit to Havre De Grace MD 002.JPG

And Participates In:

  • Maryland Chamber of Commerce

  • Harford County Chamber of Commerce

  • Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce

  • Perryville Chamber of Commerce

  • City of Havre de Grace Tourism Commission

  • City of Havre de Grace Economic Development Commission

  • Revolving Loan Fund

  • Havre de Grace Heritage Corridor Management Council

  • Publishing an Annual Directory and Business Guide which provides its membership and residents with handy references to local businesses and services

Benefits of Membership

In Memory Of Leo Heppner, Photographer
Benefits of Membership
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